Foster an Orphan

Foster an orphan! You can download .pdfs of several orphan books here, including failed pornography, a false confessional, an alternative religious text, science of dubious origin, and a dissection of the degenerating American woman.

Begin the fostering process now. It’s simple. Just follow the steps below (.pdfs are available below the form). If you send documentation of your fostering experience to by April 30, 2014, it will be included in the summary exhibit, Evidence of Action, May 1-9, 2014, in the beautiful DIAP Studio on the City College Campus. It will also be uploaded onto this site, with your permission.

What happens when I foster?

First, some information (no word limits)

Next, download your selected orphan. Let us know how it goes! And send any documentation or comments or periodic updates about what’s happening with you and the orphan work to

Download Are American Women Degenerating? Note: This is a very large file, so please be patient.

Dowload Praxis Spagyrica Philosophica

Download Rosa Fielding: The Amorous Adventures of a Victorian Maid

Download All the Sad Young Men

Download Son of Light: The Book of Shemesh

Downoad A Jersey Jargon

One Reply to “Foster an Orphan”

  1. I downloaded Praxis Spagyrica Philosophica because I was intrigued by the date of origin (1711) and the fact that is was essentially alchemical instructions to make a Philosopher’s Stone – which supposedly gives one god-like powers to heal and create gold. I’ll admit, I did Google the text name and found it was possible to get through other venues which made me question how much of an orphan it actually was. But once downloaded, I read it and was then fascinated that the majority of text was not the original German text nor the strict translation to English but a whole bunch of instructional commentary and interpretation from the Paracelcus Research Society (PRS) who in 1966 translated the text. Of course this made me curious about the PRS and their mission which was to foster “…the studies and researches of the arcane and physical sciences in the hope to contribute, by unbiased investigation and lawful demonstrations, to the knowledge extant. It teachers [sic] its findings to all free of charge or tuition. Its laboratory and classrooms are available to all regardless of race, creed or nationality. Its purpose is strictly humanitarian.” So…in being intrigued by an anonymous early 18th century German alchemist instructional text on how to obtain healing and wealth-creating powers usually only associated with an all powerful and guiding creator, I find a mid-20th century institution that carried a credo I can philosophically get behind one hundred percent (with or without the magical, mercurial stone) and is perfectly aligned with the mission of freeing the orphans for unbiased public use!

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