What Happens When I Foster?

What is the value of my participation?
Through participating in this project you are bringing living, breathing examples of orphan works out into the world. With your hands-on practice you will be giving knowledge a new life, beyond commodity value.

What could you do with your orphan?

  • Create something new
  • Just read it
  • Print it out and show to your friends
  • Send to your mom
  • Use excerpts for inspirational self-affirmations
  • Tweet the content incessantly
  • In short, anything that you feel will be an interesting, respectful, fun, or thoughtful collaboration with or use of the material.

    Are there any risks to fostering?
    I have done my “due diligence.” These texts have been published anonymously, and the publishing houses that produced the volumes are seemingly defunct, so there is very little likelihood that you will be contacted by any rights-holders. However, if you are concerned, you have a few options:
    1. Transform the material sufficiently that it will qualify as a fair use.
    2. Reserve the material for private use only.
    With either of these provisions you should be sufficiently protected from any legal repercussions.

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